Friday, April 5, 2013

One Last Trip to Germany

We took a little trip to Munich for Ryan's birthday (this year we're doing birthday trips, instead of birthday presents - especially now that we have tons and tons to pack all of a sudden...).

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon so we walked around downtown to stretch our legs after the drive - everyone was out and about, so it was very crowded. We stayed at a funky little hotel right by the center of downtown, which was great and had an interesting breakfast buffet the next morning - lots of creamy spreads and pretzel-y things that we don't have in Italy.

That night we had dinner and drinks at the Hofbrauhaus which neither of us had ever been to, and that was great fun.

Now we're back in Italy for the weekend before leaving on Monday. We're squeezing in one last trip to Venice tomorrow, and then - Arrivederci Italia!