Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Year, Another Giant Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated on Tuesday since the team has an away game today. Two things always stay the same for Thanksgiving here no matter what: the turkey is always huge and Ryan always has a mustache.

But I'll start at the beginning:

I wanted to go to the grocery store in Austria last weekend to stock up on rare Thanksgiving items, such as Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for Ryan's famous green bean casserole and I thought maybe I could  find a pre-made pie crust (silly me). But we had a really snowy weekend and the car was buried, plus it was way too cold to go outside, so we had to stay in and eat soup instead.

By Monday though, the sun was back out and the temperature was up to a balmy -8, so off to Austria we went! Once we got there, we first remembered that we didn't bring our passports (but luckily didn't need them), and then remembered that we have no clue how to speak German and therefore weren't completely sure what we were buying. I couldn't find the Campbell's or the pie crust and I couldn't tell the difference between sour cream, yogurt and butter- so we ended up buying tons of this Austrian chocolate that I love and leaving in a hurry to go home to our Italian grocery store.

Then we got creative. We only had one can of Cream of Mushroom that I brought back from my trip home earlier this month - but Ryan needed about three times that. So he made up his own cream of mushroom recipe, mixed the two together, and the green bean casserole was saved! And delicious, as always.

I'm not a big baker because I don't love measuring things, but I needed a pie crust so I made my own out of Swiss butter cookies and....butter. It smelled amazing. I was going to make a pumpkin pie but on the ONE day of the year that we get to eat green bean casserole, I figured why not go all out and make a pumpkin CHEESECAKE instead?!

Eight hours later the turkey (and its separated legs) were done cooking.

And we ate! (And ate, and ate, and ate). Overall, another very successful Italian Thanksgiving. Today we're thankful for and thinking of our friends and family back home! xo

PS - Our first two Italian Thanksgivings here and here