Friday, February 28, 2014


My parents just left this morning after a wonderful week and a half here and we had SO much fun showing them around, taking a few day trips, drinking Prosecco in the sun, having long walks and eating delicious food. Here are a few photos from their trip if you'd like to see:

They recovered from the jet-lag pretty quickly! After one rainy rest day in Cortina, we drove to Austria for lunch (my mom had never been before so it was new territory!). We took a walk by the river, ate fresh goat cheese, visited the church, and then drove home!

The next day, Saturday, we were feeling up for another little trip so we drove to Bolzano, which turned out to be a disaster because there was so much traffic that it took us four hours to get there (but we remembered the Italian rule about all your plans going out the window, so we tried not to mind). Once we finally got there, the weather was warm and sunny and we went to the Archeology Museum to see Otzi the Iceman. We ate a wonderful and traditional South-Tyrolian lunch before popping into the church and then the flower market to pick up some tulips to brighten up winter-y Cortina. Bolzano is a season ahead of us.

On Monday and Tuesday, the weather in Cortina changed and it was BEAUTIFUL. One day, we went up to the top of the mountain for lunch and to sit in the sun and watch the skiers.

One day we took a day trip to Padova to see the Scrovegni Chapel, painted by Giotto. This chapel is the most precise thing in all of Italy. You have to order tickets online at least two days in advance, pick an exact reservation time for your ticket, pick up your ticket at the front desk no less than 45 minutes before your reservation time, wait at the door to be let into the chapel five minutes before your reservation time and you get EXACTLY 15 minutes in the chapel before the guard ushers you out. It was exhausting trying to be that on time in Italy. But we were!

We also enjoyed many long walks, many delicious meals, many hard fought Scrabble games and we taught my parents how to make homemade pasta and Ryan's sauce one night too! Thank you SO much for the visit! We miss you already!