Friday, October 31, 2014

This Weekend

Happy Halloween (which is semi-celebrated in Cortina)! In fact, this is what we saw when we walked into our favorite cafe this morning for a coffee:

There's a lot going on this weekend: aside from Halloween, Ryan's team is playing Milan tomorrow (watch here) and for those of you in the US, it's time for daylight savings! Ryan and I were curious about what people do with their extra hour on Sunday so we asked ten people, just for fun. Almost everyone, with the exception of my adventurous father-in-law, said "SLEEP IN!!!"

In Italy, our daylight savings was last weekend and it gets dark so early now! But on the plus side, the light at the end of the day in Cortina is beautiful and now we only have to wait until 4:30 for that.

Ryan has a few days off, from Sunday to Tuesday, and we're heading to Lake Bled in Slovenia. We've never been to Slovenia before (even though it's only three hours away from Cortina!), so if anyone has any tips, please let us know! We'll be back here next the meantime, enjoy your extra hour of sleep!