Thursday, December 18, 2014


Last Sunday, Ryan had a few days off so we decided to head to Switzerland! Neither of us had been before and we were excited to check out a new country.

We started in Lugano, which was probably beautiful but we couldn't see the lake or the surrounding mountains because it was SO rainy and foggy! So instead we gazed at their giant Christmas tree and decided that we might have to go back again in the spring....

We huddled under our umbrella and walked around downtown and then escaped the rain and had glasses of Prosecco (Lugano is Italian-speaking and Italian-cultured so we felt right at home). Luckily all the cafes were warm and cozy and had blankets that you could wrap yourself in while having a drink.

That night we had fondue which was hot and drippy and delicious:

The fondue was served with cubes of bread and small potatoes and we drank white was a very white and completely delicious meal.

In the morning we drove to Lucerne, passing through the Gotthard road tunnel which, at 17 kilometers (10 miles) in length, is the third longest road tunnel in the world (FYI).

It was also gray and foggy in Lucerne but it was a great day for a hot lunch and a nap followed by a walk around the Christmas market.

And no trip to Switzerland would be complete without chocolate! So we took some home as a souvenir and road trip snack...

PS - Our December trips from last year: Salzburg (also rainy!) and Prague