Friday, March 6, 2015

Bucket List Travel

What's on your travel bucket list? Ryan and I have checked so many places and experiences off our list in the past few years: a gondola ride in Venice; the Colosseum in Rome, the David in Florence. We've visited Vienna, Munich, Prague and Salzburg. Last summer we went camping in Moab and hiking in the Grand Canyon.

But instead of getting shorter, the list keeps getting longer! Now we want to go to the Kentucky Derby and Wimbledon. We want to see a European soccer game and experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We want to take a trip to Dingle, Ireland (appropriate).

And for our big trip this spring, here's what's on our list so far:

Bologna (to eat - did you know it's considered the food capital of Italy?!), Puglia, Cinque Terre, Sardinia. And we're going back to Rome for round two!

Also, we heard about this place in Val Senales where you can spend the night in an igloo! Doesn't that look amazing?

Any other suggestions for us? What's on your travel bucket list?