Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Adventuring

Summer is the best time for adventures - our favorite thing to do is hop in the car and take off for a few days. Once we took a trip to Colorado wine country; another time we explored Moab and the Grand Canyon. I love road trips (especially when I'm the passenger!) and summer is the perfect time to take a few. We put together a list of our road trip essentials - perfect for summer adventuring.

1. The best CD for long, relaxed drives
2. A water bottle, to fill up wherever you stop
3. I just bought these sunglasses for the summer, and I'm obsessed. (And, if you're a glasses or contact lens wearer, like we both are, prescription sunglasses are great for traveling and adventuring)
4. A journal so you remember everything
5. Rubber flip flops - easy to throw on for exploring and even easier to kick off in the car
6. A swim suit, for those times you find yourself by the ocean or a lake or a hot spring (top + bottom)
7. SNACKS! The best part of any road trip
8. A big bag that you can throw everything in and take with you when you go exploring
9. A Leatherman...for everything
10. Camera (and phone!) for taking pictures of anything and everything you see and do

Where are you off to this summer?! We went on our annual adventure trip earlier this month and we're heading east to visit family in July....

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