Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Enchanted Forest

On Monday night we did something really cool....

...we went to The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry! It's a sound and light show that is put on every October (this year's is sold out now, but I'd highly recommend it for next year) and it's incredible.

This year's show was called Flux:

Basically what you do is walk through the forest which has been transformed with different light installations and exhibits (plus original music to go with!).

You follow a trail and then there are different platforms you can stand on or places to pull over to watch each individual "show". One was a bunch of lights deep in the forest:

And another was an aerial performer which felt very Cirque de Soleil...

It was very cool - kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time. My favorite thing was the reflection of the trees on the pond:

The whole trail is about a mile long and there are little stands where you can buy hot wine or hot chocolate to keep you warm while you walk. If you're interested, definitely book in advance for next October - we would highly recommend it!