Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Mondays are our days for adventuring so yesterday we headed up the coast to Stonehaven. Day trips are slightly different now that Everett is around. We try to leave right around his morning nap time (9 am) and hope that he sleeps the whole way to wherever we're going. He used to be a really good stroller sleeper and would fall asleep anywhere, but now he's way too interested in whatever is going on around him to sleep! We also try to plan our departure from wherever we are around his afternoon nap time....which means that we don't get tons of time anywhere, but it's better than a cranky baby. Here are a few pictures if you'd like to see....

Stonehaven is a little seaside fishing village about an hour and a half away from Kirkcaldy. It's a cute town and has a sweet harbor with lots of pubs and restaurants with fresh seafood. We parked downtown and then walked on the boardwalk to the harbor.

We were walking around the harbor when someone stopped us to admire Everett who was grinning at everyone we passed, and she ended up recommending The Ship Inn for lunch, so we took her advice. SO good! We had mussels to start which were really fresh. In Scotland the mussels are usually served in a shallot/cream sauce and are really delicious. I had local haddock and Ryan had fish sliders which were a really fun twist.

After lunch we made our way over to Dunnottar Castle which is one of the more famous castles in Scotland.

This was probably my favorite castle that we've been to in Scotland, and we've been to a lot. It wasn't preserved so much that it felt fake, but you could definitely get a feel for the rooms and what was where. Also, the rooms were labeled really well so we knew what we were looking at and there were little stories everywhere, including a story about multiple visitors who reported seeing a ghost in one of the rooms!

It was set up on these incredible cliffs and the landscape wasn't like anything we've seen around Scotland before. There was a beach down below that looked fun but sand + baby = disaster so we let Everett crawl around on the grass for a bit before getting back in the car.

We would definitely recommend visiting Stonehaven and especially Dunnottar Castle, if you're thinking about adding it to your itinerary!

As a side note - I'm starting to get into Snapchat a bit. I posted some pictures and videos from our trip yesterday and will be doing that for other trips as well. If you want to follow along, you can find me @ sophiedingle