Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Jacobite Steam Train

My parents have been visiting for the past ten days and while they were here, we planned a little side trip...

One thing that's been on my Scotland bucket list is the Jacobite Steam Train. The train leaves Fort William and goes to Mallaig, a little seaside town on the west coast of Scotland. It takes about two hours to get there and the scenery is incredible....lakes, mountains, fields, and it goes right over the Glenfinnan viaduct (this part of the trip was made famous from the first Harry Potter movie).

Anyway, Everett, my parents and I headed up to Fort William on Tuesday afternoon and spent two nights at a great little B&B there and on Wednesday, we went on the steam train!

My dad loves trains and got us four first class seats which was thrilling....I was nervous about bringing a baby in first class, but Ev was perfect and slept both ways (it luckily coincided with his two nap times). The seats were super comfortable and we drank tea and ate shortbread while we gazed out the window at the Highlands going by.

When we got to Mallaig, we found a little spot where we ordered fish & chips for lunch and then explored the town a bit before getting back on the train and heading back to Fort William.

I would highly recommend this if you're in Scotland and the area during the months it runs (not in the winter - this past week was the last for the season). Also make sure to book your tickets early because it sells out really quickly.

And PS - our trip to Fort William last year, if you'd like to see...