Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Lake District

A few weeks ago, Ryan had two days off, so we headed down to England to the Lake District.

It was beautiful and one of my favorite trips that we've taken since we've been in Scotland. Here are a few pictures, if you'd like to see....

We rented an airbnb in a tiny town called Buttermere. The road to get there was the smallest little mountain pass we had ever seen. It was funny because when we were reading the directions, we were warned about the "narrow mountain pass" which we laughed off because living in Colorado, we're pretty used to narrow mountain passes....but this one definitely takes the cake.

We stayed in the coziest cottage (here, if you're looking), which I would highly recommend. The weather was dreary, as it often is in November, but both evenings we lit a fire in the fireplace and played Monopoly while Everett slept upstairs.

There were sheep everywhere the back yard, in all the fields, in town, walking down the street....

On our one full day there, we went for a hike around Buttermere Lake.

It was so beautiful, even in the gray weather...

Afterwards we ate fish and chips at the local pub and took long naps. It was such a fun and cozy two days and was one of our first family vacations! It would be so fun to go back to the Lake District in the summer...we would highly recommend!