Friday, September 28, 2012

Have a Lucky Weekend...

...we need one here in Cortina! After 3 regular season games, the boys have lost Mostly in shoot outs, but we need the win on Saturday, so send some luck our way!

And. Since we're on the subject, after a 5-1 loss last night in Asiago, Ryan managed to bring home 2 huge blocks of....Asiago cheese, of course.

We cut it up and ate it on crackers. Apparently you are supposed to eat it one of three ways: plain, on crackers, or on boiled potatoes. I tried it plain and it was very strong so we put it on crackers (we didn't have boiled potatoes on hand) and it was delicious. So - some good things come out of Asiago: the cheese and apparently the hockey team.

PS: This is an interesting piece written by a Canadian hockey wife living in Germany.