Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Week

Last week we got settled in to our new home, took lots of walks, got back to Italian cooking, and spent Saturday afternoon up at the Zanatta's cabin in the mountains. The weather is beautiful and still warm, and there are lots of tourists and German bikers walking (and biking) around's been fun to sit outside and watch them go by and pick out the different languages. Here's a few pictures from our first week:

I had to learn how to take the heads off the shrimp one night while cooking dinner.... the next night I stuck to bruschetta

The window boxes are still in full bloom ALL around town

There was an old car show in town on Friday and we found one with this funny sticker on it

The cabin is the most amazing place for an afternoon picnic - getting up the mountain can be a little perilous but we made it - the view is incredible and we ate delicious grilled sausage, pork, steaks, ribs, eggplant, peppers and zucchini....and the dogs had a feast with the leftovers!

The girls team this year

Ryan reunited with his best bud, J.P.