Monday, October 15, 2012

Hockey Talk

This weekend, we took a trip to Brunico, home of the ferocious lupi. Ryan has a minor injury right now so he wasn't playing and we went together, which I generally make it a point not to do because Ryan offers lots of commentary during the games and I can never tell if he's talking to me personally or not. (Usually he isn't). Anyway, Brunico is always interesting for several reasons:

1. Their rink is open air. It's covered but it seems to only have 3 walls around it. You have to really bundle up. (On the plus side, I finally got use out of this hat that I've had for 5 years and never worn....I brought it with me this year specifically for trips to Brunico).

2. Everyone there is confused about what language to speak. For example, on Saturday, a man asked me a question in German, I responded in Italian and he thanked me in English. It really keeps you on your toes.
3. They get about 8 million fans (that's what it feels like compared to Cortina's 200). All 8 million of their fans smoke in the arena since it's sort of open air. You have to squint through the layer of smoke to see the game. Luckily I remembered not to wash my hair beforehand.

Once our lead was blown, I practiced my German by reading that huge sign in front of us

The most exciting part of the game was the first period when we were ahead 1-0. However - we missed most of the first period because there was a detour on the road on the way there. As in there was a detour sign pointing us off the road onto an exit, but then no other sign beyond that so we had to figure it out ourselves. Typical.

Anyway, the first round of games is officially finito, leaving Cortina at.......1 and 8!! The next round begins on Thursday, and here we go again. (This blog is very aptly titled).