Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Carbonara Challenge

Last year, when we moved to Cortina, my dad gave us a challenge: find the best carbonara in the town and take him to it when he came to visit. After searching for a few months and trying different versions at various restaurants (now that was fun), we found it at Cinque Torri, which is, incidentally, our favorite restaurant in town - and not only because of the carbonara. Challenge completed.

This year....he raised the stakes. Two nights ago, he sent me a picture of the homemade carbonara that he had made himself. I figured if he could do it in Massachusetts, I could certainly do it in Italy. (Although I should mention now that I did have a bad experience in my childhood that involved watching my mother making it one night and realizing that it was made with raw eggs which still freaks me out a little bit).

Anyway, here we go....