Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Things We Love About Italy

April means that this season in Italy is sadly coming to an end, and lately we've been talking about all the things we love about Italy, like....

1. Lunch. Is there really anything better than a real Italian lunch? You are expected to eat pasta, supposed to drink wine, and you get to take a nap afterwards! Also one time, we were at our Italian friends' house for lunch and you know what we had? Spaghetti carbonara, a pork roast, salad, homemade bread, red wine, gelato with berries, espresso and tiny sips of Grappa. And then we didn't have to eat for the next two days!

2. The wild unpredictability of what might happen on any given day. Example: one Sunday afternoon we stumbled upon a chestnut festival where we bought paper bags full of roast chestnuts and ate them at long tables under a tent in the center of town. Another time, in the fall, I woke up in the morning and looked out of the bedroom window and there were cows running down the sidewalk. You just never know.

3. You only have to do one thing a day. This was our first lesson in Italy three years ago: someone told us "DO NOT make a to-do list! Expect to get only one thing done per day." Imagine how accomplished we feel when we get three things done!

4. The scenery. This isn't too bad to look at:

5. The friends we've made. The ones from Cortina, the ones from Chicago and the ones from Canada.