Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goodbye, Cortina!

We're heading back to Colorado tomorrow morning so this will be my last post of the season! And so, a look back at this year in Cortina seems appropriate:

We arrived in September to a new house in a new neighborhood, with an amazing view of the mountains.

We had a really pretty fall, so we took lots of walks and watched the leaves change. We learned how to make cazunsiei. And we had another huge Thanksgiving turkey!

I went to Bologna, the food capital of Italy, to explore and to eat...

....and we went down to Venice as much as possible.

We had a busy December filled with Christmas markets and trips. We went to Salzburg for two nights and Prague for three nights.

We celebrated our third Christmas in Cortina and had the annual Christmas Eve party at our house...

...and then, the day after Christmas, all of the lights went out in the entire town! We were without power, hot water or heat for over two days, so we played games in the dark and got out our warmest blankets.

Then it was 2014!

January was pretty sunny so we went up the mountain a lot, to ski and to sun.

Then, at the beginning of February there was a blizzard that went on for days...

...and then my parents came to visit! We did a few days trips and I finally crossed the Scrovegni Chapel off my list of things to see. We ate lots of yummy food, took longs walks and just enjoyed being together.

Suddenly it was time for playoffs! Cortina won the first two rounds and lost to Brunico in the semi-finals.

My friend Cori and I were nervous about playoffs and needed to go on a mini-vacation to the sea, so we went to Trieste.

Then the season was OVER and it was time to think about packing and Colorado! So - goodbye for now Cortina, and thanks for another great year!

Thanks for reading this year! xo