Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And We're Back!

We're finally re-surfacing after a few months of summer vacation down-time and now we're rested, ready and eager to get back to blogging, cooking homemade ravioli and ITALY. Welcome back, readers! We had a busy summer; a few pictures below, if you'd like to see:

It all started with a trip to Palisade - Colorado wine country!

We were on the search for the perfect summer porch wine, and as we biked our way through the hills we managed to find several!

As usual, we spent lots of time visiting friends and family all over the country, squeezing in trips to Massachusetts, Maine and Lake Placid....

 In May, we decided to go on a two-night camping trip to Moab, Utah....

...which turned into a five-night camping trip when we spontaneously continued on to the Grand Canyon...

...and then to Mesa Verde!

We traveled a lot, but we worked a lot too. Ryan had a successful fourth year of Elite Hockey Training and I landed a food column in Italia! Magazine, a UK publication (my first article is out in this month's issue which can be found at Barnes and Noble, for US readers - in print only!).

And, in honor of soon-to-be four years of Italian living, the article that I wrote for A Practical Wedding, is up on their website today (here).

As summer winds down, we're gearing up for Italy and are so excited to see what this next season will bring...Stay tuned!