Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Things to do in Venice

Today we have the third installment of five things to do in different Italian cities...and it's Venice!

1. Get lost. This will inevitably happen anyway and you just have to embrace it. Our favorite thing to do in Venice is to wander around, making our way through the tiny alleys to see what we see. It's how we've found some of our favorite bars and restaurants in Venice and how we stumbled on the best souvenirs.

2. Visit the fish market. It's right near the famous Rialto Bridge and it's definitely worth a wander through and a look (there's also a great vegetable market right nearby). Everyone shops here, from restaurant chefs to locals, to get the freshest fish of the day. Even if you're just visiting and aren't in the market for a giant branzino, it's a true Venetian experience worth having.

3. Take a boat ride. The best way to see Venice is from the water so make sure you get on a boat at least once during your trip. While gondola rides are great fun, they can often be pricey, so try the (much) less expensive vaporetto, which is sort of like a water bus.

4. Have a glass of wine at Do Mori. This is our favorite wine bar in all of Venice and it's been around for hundreds of years. They have a great wine list and a great cichetti (small snacks) selection to go with it. I don't think we've ever been to Venice without stopping here.

5. Eat spaghetti con vongole. This typical Venetian dish is my absolute favorite and, like visits to Do Mori, I've never been to Venice without having it at least once per trip (and usually more). It's good everywhere, but my personal favorite is at Trattoria da Bepi.

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