Thursday, July 30, 2015

Highbrow/Lowbrow Boston

Today we have a guest post from my cousin, Isabel, who lives in Boston. Isabel says, "my favorite thing about the city is that you can find highbrow and lowbrow places everywhere." She's going to share a few of her favorites here:

Highbrow: Gaslight. Omelets, tartines, french toast and oysters. What more do you need?!
Lowbrow: Theo's Cozy Corner - This is our favorite restaurant in the city, hands down. Theo is a pro behind the grill and his omelets are second to none.

Highbrow: Sportello. Consistently my favorite meal in Boston. The spicy tomato soup is good in all seasons and the Bolognese is world famous (rightly so).
Lowbrow: Antonio's. A gem of a red sauce Italian place in Beacon Hill. The chicken and broccoli (I like it with linguini...not one of the official menu options, but order it anyway) is the perfect comfort food.

Highbrow: B&G Oysters. The lobster roll is outrageous, the oysters spectacular and the patio is perfect for summer evenings.
Lowbrow: Belle Isle. This place is legendary and has HUGE lobster roles.

Highbrow: The Bar at the Taj. Yes, this is a hotel bar. But on a cold, winter night it's the perfect, cozy place to get a drink and watch the fancy people in the hotel and on the streets in Back Bay.
Lowbrow: The Sevens. Simply the best bar in the city.

Highbrow: The Public Garden. Tulips, ducklings, George Washington. And in the spring, it's always fun to ride the famous Swan Boats.
Lowbrow: The Esplanade. A little rough around the edges and my favorite place to spend time. Also great for walking and running.

Highbrow: The Freedom Trail. This is an awesome way to get a ton of Revolutionary War history (plus a good glimpse of the city) and a good walk in.
Lowbrow:  A Duck Tour. There's quacking, drivers with cheesy names, cars in the water and a great tour of the city.

Movie Theaters
Highbrow: SuperLux. This is absolutely the #1 best place to watch a movie, but at $50 for two people, it's a special occasion kind of place.
Lowbrow:  Coolidge Corner Theater. This classic spot in Brookline plays new releases and documentaries, as well as hosts screenings and festivals.

Highbrow: The Aquarium. They just redid the big fish tank and everything is looking very sharp, including Myrtle the Turtle who has been there for about 65 years.
Lowbrow: The Blue Hills "Museum". We went for a hike here a few weeks ago and were surprised to find a little mini zoo with lots of birds and deer and some river otters in cages around the reservation.