Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Words + Phrases

We get asked a lot how our Italian is coming along and the truth is this....we tried to take some classes. We tried to get a workbook or two. We tried to do some verb flash cards once a day. We tried googling things on Google Translate. But the truth is - we're self taught. Good thing or bad thing? Not sure (although nothing too weird has ever happened when we ask for something at the grocery store, bank, we must be doing something right). Here are a few of our favorites:

Scivoloso - super fun to yell to the other team when someone slips on the ice (*image via Cortina Hockey)

Il Dolce Far Niente - the sweetness of doing nothing. This is generally the first thing that Italians learn how to say, I believe.

Spritz Aperol, per favore! Can't live in Cortina without knowing this one...we learned this on Day 1 last year. (And sometimes there is even a giant one in the center of town).

Quando Voi or FINALMENTE! (As in: FINALLY I learned how to drive!!)

INCINTA!! (What we screech whenever someone tries to give Audrey or Stacy a glass of wine, raw meat or an unpasteurized cheese....which is daily).

And last but not least.....Vincere. The verb "to win". Because that's what we're doing. Playoff series #1 is officially tied due a due. (Image also via Cortina Hockey, and if you can read Italian - like we can - you can read all about last night's game there too!)