Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let the Playoffs Begin!

Bring it on, Renon! Playoffs start today and we're facing off with Renon. Actually, everyone else is...Ryan and I will be at home eating risotto and watching 24. He has a strained hamstring and won't play until Thursday and I don't go to Renon because it's a very bad drive.

I think I say this a lot, but I can't believe that it's already playoff time once again and that the regular season is OVER! We went out on a good note, last Saturday night, beating Pontebba 4-1.

Hopefully something like this happens again this year too. Although Renon is #1. Little bit of role reversal this year....oh well.

In other incredibly exciting news, Baby Gracie has arrived! She was born on February 17. We were out having schnitzel for lunch when we got the good news, so of course we had to order a few glasses of prosecco and have a toast. We've been waiting for her all season! Obviously she is adorable and though I haven't met her yet (I have a bad cold), I'm sure she's a perfect baby.