Monday, February 4, 2013


Time for a very long overdue post! January was a busy month - after our trip to Lake Como, we settled into 2013....

....the women's World Cup ski race came to Cortina for the 17th year in a row. The boys handed out bibs to the skiers one very cold night while the whole town watched. (Last year Ryan was picked by Lindsay Vonn, this year by Daniela Merighetti, since he's so Italian now). It was fun to see a few American flags around town.

My friend Angela came to visit her husband who is playing here now until the end of the season. We had a very fun four days together.

It snowed a LOT (might be time to hit the slopes this week since my ski pants - which we mailed in November - have finally arrived!) so we cooked at home a lot and hunkered down watching 24.

Ryan and the boys just had last weekend off though, so we had lots of fun dinners out with our friends. (This is Ryan's favorite meal in Cortina).

In hockey news, the team has definitely made the playoffs and those start on February 19. Ryan wouldn't want me to write this but he's on fire, getting 2 or 3 points per game. We'll see if he actually reads this blog...

This week we're going to Padova, to visit the Children's Hospital. We raised 3,000 euro for them last month and we'll present them with the check and a few sticks and jerseys.

Happy February!