Monday, October 21, 2013


I ended up having a very exciting week last week because by the end of it, I had been to two new places - Bologna and Brunico! I was sitting around reading on Saturday afternoon when my friend Ellie called and asked if I wanted to go for a drive with her - she has a new baby, Savannah, who likes to cry unless she is in the car or in her stroller (she's a mover). So I said yes, and Ellie picked me up and we drove and drove and drove until we ended up about an hour away in Brunico!

I've been to Brunico before, but only to go to the rink - they have a very good team there - and never to the actual town, which was charming and German (although still in Italy). We walked all around, hiked up to the castle - which was closed, of course, because everything is closed all the time! - had a drink and drove home! It was the perfect afternoon trip and baby Savannah was quiet the whole time...

Here's two more pictures that I took: the first is of the castle - castles are very common in that area - and the second is of the church. Ellie was telling me a funny story about German/Italian churches...She said they always have two steeples with two bells that ring at different times of the day. It's an ongoing joke that one bell is for the Germans who are on their time, and the other bell is for the Italians who are on their own time - so funny!

And speaking of Brunico...Cortina will be playing them this week on Thursday and Sunday for this year's Coppa Italia!