Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grocery Shopping

I realize that this might sound strange, but when living in Cortina we sometimes have to go to Austria to get things done. Grocery shopping, specifically. Yes....yesterday we drove to another country to go to three different grocery stores. We are so deprived in Cortina that we don't have things like coconut, jalapenos, basmati rice, Chai tea, wasabi peas (I mean, come on), hummus, and feta....all staples of our diet, so we drove to Austria to get them. Grocery stores are much less expensive there, so we sort of treat Austria like Costco and stock up on Kleenex, soap and paper towels (and Chai tea). Then we come home to our tiny kitchen and jam all our purchases underneath the sink and under the bed.

The only, only problem with Austria is that everything is in German. Imagine! So you need to Google translate things before you go. For example: backpulver = baking powder. Who knew.

Anyway, we did that, and after we had spent approximately two hours in three different grocery stores, we continued on to the little town of Lienz where we had dinner. Ryan noticed that everyone around us was eating the "house plate" which was a huge and very delicious platter of different kinds of meats, three types of potatoes and mixed vegetables.So, when in Austria....