Monday, October 14, 2013


When I first started writing this post (last week), I started it off by saying:

"Fall is here!"

And then I put up this nice picture of a fall tree:

But that was last week. This week.....

Winter is here!

Anyway, here's what's been going on: Ryan had two home games last week, against Milan and Asiago. I've been busy learning Italian every morning (imparo italiano ogni mattina). Since it's cold/rainy/snowy here all the time, we've been eating lots of soups and drinking this amazing Chai tea that we got in Austria. I've tried my hand at baking twice now and it turned out pretty well - the oven is a life saver on these cold fall (winter?!) days - and it makes the kitchen the warmest room in the house! We tried to go to Venice one Sunday but it was pouring, so we acted like the Americans that we are and instead went to.....the mall!

I spent a few hours last week working on updating the blog. If you subscribe to posts via email, you may have noticed that you had to re-enter your email address when I changed the blog address in August. I heard some reports that it wasn't working too well, but it should be back up and running now, so subscribe away! I'll be posting every Monday and Thursday this year, so check in on those days.  Unless of course, we do something really amazing that would warrant a Wednesday post...
So, as we say - ci vediamo giovedi!