Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coppa Italia

For those of you who follow Cortina Hockey, you may have noticed that there have been no games recently. Sadly, no - we haven't been on vacation in Switzerland. It was that time of the year for....the Coppa Italia! This is a tournament that happens every year in Serie A Italian hockey. The first year we were here, they won! The second year, I don't even remember what happened, so it must not have been that great. This year, two funny things happened:

Image via Cortina Hockey

1. There are only 8 teams in the league this year. Renon offered to host the semi-finals/finals, which are at the end of November, so, for some reason, they decided (themselves, probably) that they didn't have to play in the first round of the tournament! Which means that poor Fassa, didn't even get a chance to Italian.

2. In the first game of the tournament which was last Thursday, Cortina beat Brunico 3-2, the #1 team in the league! But then they got back on track and lost the second game 7-2, and the third game 7-3. But - only two teams have beaten Brunico this year and we can call Cortina one of them.

And the good news: since Cortina is out of the tournament, we CAN go on our Swiss vacation while the other teams slug it out in the semi-finals at the end of November.