Thursday, September 10, 2015

Call On!

While we’ve absolutely loved our time abroad – from our four seasons in Italy to our current stint in Scotland – by far the hardest part is being so far away from family and friends. Most expats will tell you that they hate missing things back home: weddings, birthdays, family gathers, holidays…but what I miss most is picking up the phone and calling my parents to chat.

But! This year we’ve solved that problem thanks to KeepCalling, an international calling company that I’m loving. It’s so easy: you sign up and then download the app (although you can also make calls from a landline or from the computer, but I’ve always used my iPhone). From the app, you can call anyone, anywhere! I started with 500 minutes which is only $5.00, if you can believe it. 

My first call was to my parents to check in and say happy birthday to my dad…

…and my second was to Verizon to figure out a billing issue back home. Very functional! On my end, the call was clear and it didn’t at all feel like I was talking to my parents thousands of miles  away in Massachusetts – across oceans!

We’ve tried other apps like Viber before and didn’t love them…in that case, it did sound like we were a million miles away (not the feeling you want from a phone call, right?) and the calls were frequently dropped. But I would highly recommend Keep Calling for any expats or expat relatives that you might have. Rates vary from country to country, obviously, but you can check them out and get started on their website,

Thanks so much to Keep Calling for keeping us in touch with our families and for sponsoring this post!

**Wedding photos by Audrey Hannah Photo