Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Storm Peak Brewery

Personally, we're getting into Scottish beer now, but let's take it back to Colorado for a second. There's been a huge shift towards craft breweries in Colorado in the past few years - apparently the state is home to almost 230 breweries and is responsible for more than 10% of the nation's craft breweries. Hooray! Steamboat isn't missing out on this trend either, with two breweries: Butcherknife Brewing Company and Storm Peak Brewing Company.

We hung out at Storm Peak a few times this summer and it was so much fun - you can try small glasses of their beers (or have a big one!), there's a popcorn machine for snacks, dogs are welcome and there are big picnic tables where you can sit and hang out with friends.

A few other perks: the building faces the sun and gets the sun all day long. They have corn hole, which you can drag out into the driveway and play with friends. And there's a tiny Mexican restaurant, Taco Cabo, right across the street so if you get hungry you can run out and grab a few tacos to go and bring them back to your picnic table to snack on.

 On September 5th, they're celebrating their one year anniversary, so stop by if you're in Steamboat that weekend!

PS - The photos are by my friend Danielle, a Steamboat-based photographer, who can make even beer look beautiful! If you need any photos, definitely check her out.