Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In Search of Fish & Chips

After last week's post, I got about 1,000 recommendations to go up the coast to Anstruther for the world's best fish & chips. So! Ryan had the day off yesterday and we headed that way.

There are multiple fish & chip shops in Anstruther and we tried two: Anstruther Fish Bar, first, which has won UK Fish & Chip Shop of the Year.

The fish was perfectly fried and flakey, and was definitely (so far, at that point) the best fish & chips of my life.

Until we went to The Wee Chippy, which is what the locals recommended, and the fish there was even more perfectly fried and flakey.

In the end, the decision was that The Wee Chippy had a slight edge. Anstruther was beautiful and we had a sunny day which was perfect.