Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Things to do in Rome

Have you ever been to Rome? We've been a few times now and it's always super busy. There is so much to see and do that it can be hard to figure out what's most important. The last time we went, in April, we tried to slow down and enjoy the city without rushing around from one tourist destination to the next.

Here are five things we like to do in Rome that are a little bit under the radar and can help take the pace down a notch.

1. Walk, walk, walk - Rome has a relatively-easy-to-follow subway system and a much more complicated bus system but we've always enjoyed wandering around cities. Rome is perfect for this because you're always stumbling upon ancient ruins or the Colosseum or a great cafe. Our favorite neighborhood for wandering is Trastevere, across the river.

2. Eat cacio e pepe - this is my favorite pasta dish of all time for its simplicity and comfort. It's so easy to make at home (it's my go-to dish on a night alone) but it originated in Rome, so it's fun to try the original.

3. Make a wish - stop by the Trevi Fountain, throw in a coin and make a wish. This is a great sight to see at night too, when it's lit up, and, if you're visiting in the summer, much cooler.

4. Have a picnic on the Spanish Steps - Rome can get expensive, so one way that we like to save is by having a picnic lunch. There are lots of great spots all over the city, but the Spanish Steps are a historic landmark that you would want to see anyway. Pick up sandwiches or containers of antipasti (and a bottle of wine!) and head to the steps. If you can snag a spot, you'll have a great lunchtime view.

5. Drink a Negroni - this is a classic Roman cocktail and it can be nice (sometimes) to take a break from the wine.

And - if you have extra time in Rome and love food, we would highly recommend this Roman food tour!