Monday, August 10, 2015

What's Your Favorite Happy Hour?

When we lived in Italy, we got into the tradition of "aperitivo" which is drinks and snacks in the early evening before dinner, and the American equivalent of that is happy hour. Steamboat, where we live in the summers, is one of the best places for happy hours, so we love to ride our bikes downtown in the late afternoon to check them out. There are so many options: you can sit by the river or in the center of downtown, you can opt for margaritas or beer or wine, you can have a snack before dinner or you can even turn some of them into an early dinner.

A few of our favorites include E3 where you can sit in Adirondack chairs by the river and drink half-priced wine and munch on truffle fries and Sake2U where you can eat sushi rolls for half the price (we usually turn this into an early dinner).

But - our top choice is always Carl's which has great Colorado beer, 50 cent wings and $2 oysters. Oysters and wings sounds like a strange combination, but surprisingly, it works.

What's your favorite happy hour combo? Summer is the perfect time for it!

And PS - our go-to summertime drink....