Monday, August 17, 2015

Steamboat Spot: Bella Vista Estate

The other night, my friend Danielle and I had a chance to go up to Bella Vista Estate to watch the sunset and take a few pictures.

Bella Vista is a vacation rental, used for fun events like weddings and family reunions and it's so beautiful up there. It's on Rabbit Ears pass and has the best views of Steamboat down below. If you're thinking of doing a big group vacation or family reunion in Steamboat, it would be the perfect spot. The property is surrounded by wildflowers and there are so many neat spots to sit outside with a drink or for dinner - including a hammock overlooking the lake below!

 And how amazing is the pool?! They also have an incredible hot tub and a fire pit where it would be so fun to make S'mores and watch the sun set...

Thanks for having us, Bella Vista! The 3rd and 4th beautiful photos are by Danielle.

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