Thursday, August 13, 2015

On Scotland

As I mentioned earlier in the summer, Ryan and I are heading to Scotland for his upcoming season and now that the summer has flown by, we're leaving in about 10 days! In the midst of organizing and packing, I thought I'd share a few of our thoughts and answer the top four questions that we're getting asked every day.

The most popular question that we've gotten is "will you miss Italy?!" And the answer is, OF COURSE! We loved living in Italy, more than we can put into words. And we'll miss so much about it: the friends that we made, the lifestyle, the food, (the wine)...but we're so lucky to be able to have another great adventure and we're really excited to explore a new area (neither of us has been to Scotland before), to make new friends and try new foods.

Which brings us to the next question: "are you going to eat haggis?" There was a time, a few months ago when we first told our family and friends about Scotland, that this was the number one question we got. Yes! We're excited (sort of) to try haggis. We're pretty adventurous eaters in general and we're pretty good about trying everything at least once.

And, usually asked in a panicked voice: "where will you LIVE?!" When we move abroad every August, we're lucky enough that we don't actually have to do too much except for pack. Ryan's team takes care of everything for us, from finding us a place to live to getting us a car. We're spoiled, for sure.

Lastly, "are you ready to go?" YES!!!! We're not packed at all (we love leaving that to the last minute), but we have our Visas and our passports and we're so ready for this next adventure.

And we're spurred on by this article, 21 Reasons You Should Move to Scotland Immediately....I love number 2 and 18.

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